22 Fascinating Girly Room Decor Ideas for Your Daughter

Published On: Mar 28, 2022

The interior decor of the room defines the personality of the one living in it. As your daughter grows up, it is essential that she witnesses parts of her traits in the way the room is styled. Magnificent girly room decor is not only pleasing to the eyes but also boosts the morale of your growing child. 

We have curated a list of the most stunning girly bedroom designs for you to take inspiration from. These will come in handy as you shape up your daughter’s dream bedroom.

An Unconventional Idea

The transition of a female’s life from childhood to adolescence involves an overall growth of their personality, fashion sense, and, sense of self. This is the right time to allow her to experiment with different styles and looks through a creative bedroom design. Adding an ottoman in the room is a unique girly room decor idea that would also solve the challenge of storage with ease.

Fusion of Simple and Sweet 

If you are aiming to keep your daughter’s bedroom design of a neutral colour palette, adding an animal motif is a brilliant way of knitting the room together in a harmonious way. Using the main colour as grey will give you the greater creative freedom to use brighter secondary colours. Here, the colour grey is paired up with a sparkling pink.

Make a Dreamy Atmosphere

Creating a peaceful atmosphere for your adolescent to relish by adding different kinds of lighting is a smart girly room decor idea. Wrapping fairy lights around a window frame and hanging festoon lighting from the ceiling is a simple and affordable way to enhance the ambience of a room. Adding natural fibres and earthy colours create inventive patterns on the walls, giving the space a rustic and personal touch.

An Adventurous Arena

As your daughter grows older, a cubby house is a perfect accessory to deck up the room and is a creative girly room design. While kids experiment with their newly gained liberty, this charming home-within-a-home will stimulate their imaginations! The pink, white, and grey hue combination is not excessively feminine, striking the right balance in the room.

Go Timeless with Scandinavian Decor

Scandinavian design is a timeless style in the world of interior decor. Not only is it a magnificent girly room idea, but also apt for a gender-neutral room. A single colour palette with grey linens, dove grey furniture, and white accent accessories create a seamless look. You can also throw in some colours with pillow covers, curtains, wall art, or other decorative items.

Compact with Small Spaces

Etch your minds with words like efficient and compact while designing tiny spaces. A bunk bed or loft bed is the ideal replacement for a normal bed which provides extended space for the children to play. The room could thus be used for storing clothing or to convert it into a relaxing area.

Indulge in Vibrant Colours

If you want your daughter’s bedroom design to stand out, using vibrant colours which shine throughout is the look to go for. The use of a single bright colour in conjunction with subtle grey is both eye-catching and highly appealing and is particularly effective. To give your space a more contemporary feel, you could experiment with a charcoal colour rather than soft grey.

Adorn with Wall Decor 

Wallpaper murals can be used to modify the interiors of a girl’s bedroom, and they are a cost-effective and straightforward means of achieving this goal. The wall can be decorated with shelving, stuffed toys, butterflies, and other tiny artificial creatures to give it a state-of-the-art look.

Go Wild with Wilderness

A safari-themed bed can pique a child's interest in travel and the environment while encouraging imagination and creative play with exotic animal features. This earthy girl’s bedroom design is creative, elegant and a nature-friendly initiative to fabricate a beautiful space for your daughter.

Bohemian Fantasy

A rustic wooden pallet couch or bed and handwoven décor are the essentials of the bohemian vibe. The biggest perk of this is that these decor items are inexpensive and are neutral enough to create a soothing atmosphere. To take it up a notch, you can throw in fairy and festoon lights to create a Coachella-inspired desert atmosphere.

For the Love of Rose Gold

Since its reintroduction into the world of fashion several years ago rose gold has become increasingly popular. And this is a trend that shows no sign of slowing down. Your daughter’s bedroom design can be revamped with rose-gold-finish bedroom furniture like a bedside table, standing lamps or even mirror panels. These elements will infuse your space with sophistication and elegance. Use soft pastel colours to create a more youthful atmosphere or white furnishings to create a more mature vibe in the room, depending on the age of your adolescent girl.

Rainbow Splash 

By combining bright, vibrant colours with a patterned black and white décor, you can create a lively, high-energy atmosphere. This girly room decor is apt for your teenage daughter to relish. Keeping the black and white colour scheme consistent and adding a pop of colour with rainbow accessories will enhance the creative flow of this space effortlessly.

 String Lights

String lights are the quintessential modern accessory to brighten up the room if you do not like wall art, hanging images or wall stickers for your daughter’s bedroom. This girly DIY room decor is an affordable replacement for expensive accessories which are not even worth it.

Merging Pinks and Pastels

The all-pink theme to embellish a newborn girl's nursery is an alluring choice, and the suspended bed canopy adds a charming classic touch to the room. In addition, a large and eye-catching piece of furniture, such as this white bedside table, is a perfect inclusion for your little girl’s bedroom.

Unicorn Embellishment

A unicorn-styled bedroom is quite trendy and ideal as your daughter’s bedroom design. Incorporate different colours, neutrals, and brights to create an essence of vibrancy and calm. Matching bright accessories and wall art will also add to the dynamic.

Wooden Wonders

You can never go wrong with wood. Incorporate different wooden materials to transform the room into an impeccable design layout. Pump up the look with different accessories like cushions, plants, a bedside table or even a chair. A light-hued wallpaper as an additional element will add great detailing.

Butterfly Effect

Adding a few butterflies to your daughter’s bedroom walls is a beautiful way to augment the vibe of the room. This minimalistic girly room design is a crowd favourite and will surely revamp the look of the room. Choose bold and bright colours for an additional element.

Charm it Up with a Chandelier

A beautiful chandelier can add a level of oomph to even the most minimalistic rooms. A chandelier does not have to be all royal and grand, rather an avant-garde one is a win-win idea for any modern room.

Floral Reverie

The floral design for bedroom walls is fresh, modern, and chic. It beautifies the room and effuses grace effortlessly. Pair it up with matching accessories like pillows, curtains, and floor mats to raise the bar for an overall appeal.

Girls like to Swing

A manageable and petite swing as a girly room design is a fun idea for your toddler’s entertainment. It enhances the look of the room, adding a unique personality to it, while also being functional.

Printed Design 

Creative printed wallpapers are growing in trend and you should hop on the bandwagon too. The print on the walls could be fun, artistic, a blend of different colours or anything which suits your toddler’s personality.

Vintage Valour

Yes, vintage and trendy do go hand in hand and it is not boring! If styled correctly, a vintage design can do wonders for your bedroom’s interiors. Go for neutral colours mixed with whites to create a soothing amalgamation of perfection, personified.

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Designing a girl’s bedroom is not a mammoth task if one is aware of the basics of interior decor. Understanding the structure and space of the room and the needs of your little one is a prerequisite for attempting this creative task. Scroll through the girly bedroom ideas given above to ensure that your efforts do not go in vain. For more design inspirations, visit the Interior Company.