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30 Magnificent Room Ideas for Girls in 2021

Published On: Sep 14, 2021

Teenage girls are generally known to be a bit picky and sceptical when it comes to choices. Room decor ideas for girls should therefore include these parts of their characters too. 

The Bedrooms also serve as an escapist venue when they feel like isolating themselves from the outside world. A Girl's bedroom is no longer relegated to frilly beds and all around pink decors. Today room design for girls throws an endless range of possibilities.

Every girl loves to have a uniquely personal space to call her own. Hence, girls bedroom ideas should be anchored on the notion to give a cohesive look. This can be done by inviting your creative muscles to pump in the right doses: its layout plan, colour combinations, furniture arrangements and other necessary nitty-gritty; without interfering with her personality, but transforming the general ambience from great to wow

Ahh! Don't get bewildered by the thought of how to shape up a perfect girlie room. Below is a list of the 30 best carefully curated collections of teenage girl bedroom ideas which are sure to tickle any teenage girl's fancy and invite her to get cosy with them.

1. Create Comfortable Space

Create Comfortable Space

Room design for girls should be such that it allows a big bed with colourful upholstery. Girls bedroom design should ideally have a bed size of 120 x 200, which will provide them with the required space to play around and give a mature feel.

2. Set Storage Space Separately

Set Storage Space Separately

With their books, clothes, hobbies and active lives, the bedroom design for teenage girls should accommodate plenty of storage spaces, in the form of drawers, shelves, and closets. 

Use under-bed storage boxes or add bedside tables, dressers and wall shelves, in a fun and practical way in tune with the size of the room.

3. Depict the Warmth of a Fairy Tale

Depict the Warmth of a Fairy Tale

A touch of fairy lights can bring magic to the girls’ room decoration. Put the twinkle lights in the room in places of your choice. You can use gorgeous lighting modes: waves, sequential, chasing (slow speed, half of the lights on), etc depending upon your aesthetics. 

Nicely twined through drapes, the delicate glow of tiny twinkling bulbs can give a room an ethereal feel, without being too intrusive - that’s sure to add that extra bit of value to teenage girl bedroom ideas. The pleasant - enchanted - radiance can transform a more austere room into a wonderland.

4. Try Honeycomb Accent Wall

Try Honeycomb Accent Wall

Searching for a stylish and elegant way to take girls' room decoration into a new groove? Then be a bit crazy and go for a wacky honeycomb themed hexagonal wall decor, which will instantly convert your living room or bedroom into a price of kaleidoscopic art. 

This unconventional design is perfect for teenage room ideas that feature lots of colour palettes.

5. Spread the Happy Vibe

Spread the Happy Vibe

From an eye-catching hanging light fixture to a piece of art on the nuetral hued walls, this girls bedroom design is a riot of sophistication and playfulness.

6. Simple Room with a Teddy or Toy

Simple Room with a Teddy or Toy

Neat curtains and a pair of throw pillows add regality to this dreamy girls bedroom design. A handmade Teddy bear in a dirty - white ambience, completes the airy interior.

7. Urban Stylish Decor

Urban Stylish Decor

A peachish hued wall dotted with paintings brings in a sense of maturity to room decor for teenage girls. A throw pillow on a white bed adds to the overwhelming amount of urbanity and aesthetics to the room.

8. Decal Sticker Walls

Decal Sticker Walls

This spacious room designed by Kristina Crestin is a perfect example of symmetry - from cosy double beds to silver monogram - wall - decals.

Adding wall graphics in a custom way is a great way to give a new dimension to girls bedroom design - fortunately, this stylish decor can be achieved without much effort.

9. Subtle Grey Tone Room

Subtle Grey Tone Room

Bed design for girls in grey, the colour of subtlety and sophistication, coupled with white pop-ups can be a representative of various facets of human nature. Grey not only adds mystery to a room but also presents an unabashed air of refinement.

10. Cool Room with Study

Cool Room with Study

Homework is part and parcel of a children's daily routine - whether they like it or lump it, is a different issue. Hence kids room design for girls should have a dedicated workspace, along with a whole host of shelving designs and storage spaces, which they can command as to their own areas, without collapsing into fisticuffs.

Modern teenage girl bedroom ideas should incorporate a work area that is not distracting. For that use light coloured matching furniture with plenty of drawers and shelves.

11. Pink Glamorous View

Pink Glamorous View

The choice of colour and accents are very important for providing a signature decoration while working on room decorations for teens. A bedroom should be the sanctuary for any girl, where she can unwind in the evening and get refreshed by morning.

To create a soft glam space with a girlie ambience, use pink everywhere in the room: from the walls to a pink bed to the floor, and even soft pops of pink in the wall hangings. Balance this with classic glam furniture and scattered orange designed pillows. A dash of green on the window panes can increase its feminine appeal.

12. Pretty Lavender

Pretty Lavender

When thinking of girl kids bedroom ideas, we can consider lavender shades with white, which has the ability to create an instant bright and crisp flavour. However, deep purple can give a more appealing look to teenage room designs, when combined with an orange or lime - green backdrop.

By the way, every version of lavender looks bright & crisp with white, while the more purple versions look appealing with orange & lime green. The greyer tones of lavender with beige, yellow, golden, magenta & warm browns shades can add more vibrancy to classy teenage room decors.

We can have an art or wall print with a soft lavender background, radiating a perfectly regal and relaxing mood; but not overwhelming. Lavender creates a calming effect in a bedroom.

13. Playful Stripes

Playful Stripes

Teenage girl bedroom ideas for small rooms can have a striped floor with the correct combination of furniture and wall accessories. The room gets more lively for teenagers with the addition of a chandelier of matching colour.

14. Create a Personal Resting Spot

Create a Personal Resting Spot

Modern teenage room designs often have a private and interesting relaxation corner, for your child who normally sits on a bed or chair the whole day to study. This kind of cool place helps them to unwind or hang out with friends, in between their normal works.

15. Decorative Classy Bed

Decorative Classy Bed

The designer baby rooms can feature a cartoon at the end of the bed, to make the atmosphere look more appealing. A multi-storied chandelier with rectangular patterns on the wall gives a cool feel.

16. Orange Enthusiastic Drapes

Orange Enthusiastic Drapes

Teenage bedroom ideas for boys and girls can have dusky - orange shades, all over the place. Orange gives a feeling of excitement, enthusiasm, happiness, balance, warmth and a touch of Halloween mood. You can top it up with velvet pillows, a well-crafted table lamp and a spattering of flower vases to add vibrancy to the room.

17. Bed with Wheels

Bed with Wheels

We can get classy teenage room decor, by having a bed with wheels. The bed can have a grey coloured mattress and matching throw pillows. On the top, there could be a ball lamp, to add calmness to the environment.

18. Make the Most with the Multipurpose Room

Make the Most with the Multipurpose Room

Room design for girls may include many functions, like study place, game area, playing musical instruments, etc. For this reason, modern teenage room designs often come in the form of a suite apartment. Though the size of the room may throw up challenges, there are many clever solutions to give shape to teenage girl bedroom ideas for small rooms.

19. Vertical Wall Decor

Vertical Wall Decor

Are you looking for teenage girl bedroom ideas for small rooms? In such cases, there has to be an effective use of the vertical space. For example, you can use a bunk bed for accommodating two persons or placing the bed up and using the bottom as a desk or TV stand.

20. Keep it Organised For Your Need

Keep it Organised For Your Need

All teenage room designs require a good interior organization, to accommodate many functions. In the example below, the work area and the clothing area are cleavage by a double-sided open bookcase, which helps in preventing distraction to your children while studying.

21. Build Your Comfortable Cocoon

Build Your Comfortable Cocoon

For room decor ideas for girls, choose comfortable furniture, so that they can relax and chill out in their free time. Considerable attention needs to be given while choosing mattress, bedding, fabrics and other accessories so that they give a cosy and comfortable feel. The investment of light and neutral tones can create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere inside the room.

22. Display Your Interests and Hobbies

Display Your Interests and Hobbies

The tone and tenor of a girls bedroom design should reflect her passions, hobbies and character. Whether the room is large or tiny doesn't matter, as long as it is designed well keeping in mind the mood of the child in question.

Below is room decor for teenage girl with an embedded music theme. The hanging guitar adds to the urbanity of the room.

23. Try Out Minimalist Design

Try Out Minimalist Design

Girl kids bedroom ideas can incorporate white colour, to give a forward movement to sophistication coupled with a minimalistic approach. 

The use of white and its variants with light yellow flooring, for kids room design for girls, has the ethereal ability to make the room appear bigger and brighter, bringing in a touch of modernity and timelessness; away from the bohemian colourful decoration style.

24. Energetic Ambience

Energetic Ambience

Bedroom designs for teenage girls get invariably imbued with a sense of busting energy and vigour when confluence with Bohemian interior design style. 

Most teenagers follow a nonconformist lifestyle and hence such themes gel well with them. Use rich textured bedspreads, cushions, curtains and bed covers to drape the room with a spell of bursting 'Chi'.

25. Dramatic Dark Ceiling

Dramatic Dark Ceiling

A black ceiling adds drama to the architectural interest and makes space feel far more engrossing and fascinating. Teenage room design should, therefore, focus on this part too. 

Below, you can see how floral decorated walls and pillows infuse life to this warm-coloured bedroom. Moreover, the glossy finished wood works add positivism to the mood.

26. Keep It Simple

Keep It Simple

Some teenage girls love to spend time in plain-looking bedrooms, just like the one below. Hence, teenage room designs should factor in this aspect too. 

Aqua blue bed cover with white popping and a yellow sticker on the wall satisfies the condition of simplicity and elegance. However, pinky touches on the bed, items on the shelves and deep pink zig-zag pattern on the floor give a striking contrast.

27. Try Out Easy Changing Accessories

Try Out Easy Changing Accessories

Bedroom designs for teenage girls should reflect their personality while combining the elements for storage, comfort and functionality.

It should also reflect a transition from adolescence to adulthood when the character and tastes of young people spiral into a new form and structure. Therefore to reflect this change, it would be wise to create easily changeable surfaces through tables, shelves, wallboards or grid boards. This approach does away with the necessity to drill the wall every time for a wall decoration change.

28. Monochromatic Grace

Monochromatic Grace

Some teenage girls like classic monochromes as they add brilliance to any room, albeit with a suave style. 

Below is an example of room design for girls where a monochrome bedroom with textured wallpaper is seen shining in a black backdrop. 

Loose electric lighting wires, over a futon-style bed, highlights the geometric patterns of a black bed cover; while the white pillows and overall ambience produce an ideal zone for pampering and conditioning for a good night’s sleep.

29. Grand Headboard

Grand Headboard

Bedroom designs for teenage girls can be made a little catchy and comfortable by using an oversized upholstered headboard. The mammoth headboard can even double up as a pinboard for photos. The white ceiling and white bed give a cool radiance.

30. Shades of Pink and Blue

Shades of Pink and Blue

There is a long-held notion that girls prefer pink while boys prefer blue. But new research says that blue is preferred by both boys and girls, though the latter may be more inclined towards lilac, as compared to pure blue in the case of boys. 

Therefore, a pink bed stationed on a blue backdrop can be a part of both teenage bedroom ideas for boys and girls bedroom design. The addition of a strawberry-shaped chandelier and a neatly folded floral bed cover takes the atmosphere to a new groove.


A girl's bedroom, apart from being a hackneyed place for sleeping and gossiping over the phone, is also a compartment where she studies, plays games, reads a storybook, watches TV, hangs out with her friends, and so on. Therefore, considering the various designs and styles given above, you can choose an essential design element for a girls’ bedroom.

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