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20 Fascinating Bedroom Paint Colour Ideas for 2023

Updated On: Oct 31, 2023

With the covid 19 pandemic forcing us to stay indoors for most of the year, we have come to appreciate the calm, comfort and positivity that our homes can provide. To get through everyday life indoors, a compatible colour palette in our homes plays a major role in our mood and general well being. Bedrooms are often the most personal space in our homes. A bedroom painted in shades that are mood-boosting and energetic is therefore crucial. Asian paints room colour catalogues offer a great range of colour and texture finishes that are trending and evergreen.

Selecting your bedroom paint colour depends on factors like the decor style and users' personality. earthy and neutral tones are best suited for traditional style decor. Colours like mustard yellow, terracotta brown are very Indian traditional colour schemes. For a more minimalist approach to the room finish, pastel shades and monochromatic neutral tones are better choices. The room colour can also be based on your personalities. The right colour can give the room a cheerful, bright, or calm vibe.

Interior designers and art experts make predictions on what will be the trending colours for the coming year. The 20-bedroom paint colour themes compiled here are based on these trends that have far-reaching influences. This list is all the inspiration you need to get your bedroom décor to the next level.

1. Spotless White

A bedroom wall colour that never goes out of trend. Use any shade of white paint in your bedroom and get a tranquil and relaxed space. A white themed bedroom can have the most calming and serene appearance. Play with shades and textures to keep the décor exciting even when the wall colour is at its simplest. This neutral shade also makes other statement pieces in the room décor stand out stronger. Adding pops of colours in the furnishings and other décor features enhances the attractiveness of the space and takes advantage of the high contrast white offers.

Spotless White

This minimalistic bedroom with serene white walls is accentuated with a faux fur floor rug, a dark grey bedcover and brown pillows. The space feels bright and airy.

2. Energising Orange

Having this striking colour for the entire room might be too daring for some. Orange is often used as an accent. Using an orange two colour combination for bedroom walls can have exciting results. Pairing orange with tones of white gives an elegant look to the rooms. Orange wall paint gives ambient light and liveliness, especially for rooms with higher ceilings. Shades of orange can add warmth and energy to the bedrooms. Shades ranging from bold and funky to classic and conservative are used by designers to give the bedrooms a trendy and stimulating appearance.

Energising Orange

The vibrancy of the orange is kept in moderation here against the white wall and ceiling. The orange tones in the bedding and wall arts tie the whole space together well.

3. Pretty Pink

The colour pink is the most popular choice for girls room colour. Pairing it with tones of grey and white can create a fresh and contemporary look. Pink is considered a feminine colour and exudes joy and freshness. It has now become a highly desirable accent colour not just for girls and teenagers' rooms. From an uplifting shade of bold pink to a softer shade of blush pink this colour offers a great range of versatility. Two colour combination for bedroom walls like pink and white are extremely attractive due to their simplicity. Tastefully decorated with solid wood furniture and the right amount of sunlight streaming in, these colour combinations are ideal for a romantic vibe in your room.

Pretty Pink

Two tones of pink are used in the bedroom walls. The dark wood furniture contrasts well against the predominantly pink palette. The room has a sweet and romantic vibe without an overwhelming mix of colours and textures.

4. Beautiful Red

High energy and chic, that's the effect red wall colour can create in your rooms. This colour can make a big impact in small doses or big.  Vibrant red paint on the bedroom wall can be a bold and playful choice. In small rooms with lower ceilings, its best used on a single accent wall. Paired with earthy and neutral tones, the bedroom can look comforting, inviting and rich.

Beautiful Red

Traditional style furniture and décor added in this bedroom transforms it into an ethnic space that encourages you to unwind and relax. The warm red wall gives the room an energetic feel.

5. Classy Blue

Blue wall colour can create a lively bright environment during the day and a rich luxurious ambience at night. Royal blue and other darker shades of blue, when used in moderation can give the room a classy and elegant feel. Indigo is the best wall paint colour for blue themed Indian bedrooms. Use accents in white, deep yellow, and brown to create an elegant yet warm and cosy space for yourself. This shade of blue also works well with traditional prints and motifs like ikat or Kantha.

Classy Blue

The indigo wall here works best as a backdrop for rustic furniture. The white walls and wooden flooring complements the indigo in the background.

6. Comforting Lilac

A lilac themed bedroom can make it your go-to retreat space in the house. Its a subtle shade that adds a touch of personality to space. It can be used everywhere from traditional homes to contemporary spaces. This soft colour with cool undertones used in bedrooms helps you sleep relaxed and wake up fresh. Add accents and patterns around the room in darker shades of purple to enhance the lilac walls. If softer colour themes are your preference, let the lilac walls be the highlight by using them against comforting colours like cream and grey. This shade is also a great choice for young kids bedrooms and nurseries.

Comforting Lilac

This simple yet elegant bedroom with all lilac walls and furnishing feels soothing. The monotony is broken by the pop of dark purple bolsters and a blanket.

7. Earthy Rich Green Tone

Green paint colours with cool grey undertones can give the rooms an organic and nature-inspired appeal. This rich intense colour paired with other colours and textures from nature can create the most comforting effect. Use dark wood furniture and brown shades of fabrics and other elements to enhance the theme and create a dramatic atmosphere. Forest green colour can be styled with metallic elements to get a contemporary feel as well.

Earthy Rich Green Tone

The forest green wall paint combined with the wooden flooring and indoor plants gives the feel of being closer to nature. The contemporary design of the furniture and decor gives the room a chic look.

8. Clear Creamy Beige

Beige themed bedroom decor is timeless. This neutral shade offers endless possibilities for decor for a stylish and sophisticated appearance. Neutral beige shade is the simplest way to create a calming inviting space that can be your sanctuary. Stick to a monochromatic theme or work with bolder combinations like beige and black, the colour is perfect for modern bedroom designs. When opting for a monochromatic theme, its essential to use more textures to create depth. If luxurious aesthetics is what you are looking for, adding gold accents and vintage furniture to the decor would do it. If you are looking for light bedroom paint colours, neutral beige tones are your answer.

Clear Creamy Beige

Less is more! The monotone beige walls, soft wooden tones, feather-light drapes create the most tranquil atmosphere for rest and relaxation.

9. Majestic Purple

A colour that is ideal for sophisticated master bedrooms to romantic suites and minimalistic studio bedrooms. The rich depth of this colour gives you a picture-perfect space that is also inviting and soothing. The deep plum walls with thick curtains and lighter shades of bedding sets the right ambience for a deep relaxing slumber. If a single shade purple colour room is too bold for your taste, there is always the option of using two colour combination for bedroom walls.

Majestic Purple

Creating paint patterns and designs using lighter shades with purple to tone down the boldness of a dark purple. Subtle shades for beddings and furnishing used here keeps the space light and minimalistic.

10. Youthful Mustard Yellow

Mustard yellows and ochres are seen a lot in Indian home decor. The colour has a traditional Indian aura. Its a sunny, cheerful colour that can add vibrancy to the room. Using this shade for bedroom walls can lift your spirits and create a warm and bright space where you can unwind and relax comfortably. 

Youthful Mustard Yellow

The jute and fabric lamps and furniture against the yellow backdrop create a rustic themed bedroom. A hint of yellow in the bedding completes the picture and gives off a warm and inviting feel.

11. Subtle Grey Tone

Greys might not be the most obvious choice for bedroom wall paint colour. But designers worldwide have used this colour to create serene, soothing and elegant interior spaces. Coupled with woody furniture, white drapes and bed covers, this colour can give a laid back ambience to your room. Contrary to general belief, grey is not a depressing colour. Used with the right decor ideas, this colour can give a tranquil and soft feel to your personal space. Choose darker tones of grey if sophisticated elegance is your style.

Subtle Grey Tone

The slate grey wall and light shaded wood make this room look like a picture out of an interior magazine or catalogue.

12. Mild Mint Green

This shade of green has always been a popular choice for the bedroom wall colour. It is a versatile colour that works well with traditional as well as modern bedroom decor ideas. Composed of blue, grey and green, this colour evokes freshness and calm, making it a great choice for the bedroom wall colour. Unlike the dramatic effects of darker shades of green, this colour has a more understated appeal. The room colour makes the room feel light and airy.

Mild Mint Green

The lighter tones of the room compliment the mint green expanse of the wall in the backdrop. The light colour palette makes the room feel larger and more open.

13. Pleasant Light Blue

Add serene hues of blue to your bedroom walls to induce life and spirit into the bedroom. Cool blue shades of wall paint along with lightweight, white furniture and curtains creates the most tranquil effect. Blue wall paint combined with shades like white and grey is a popular choices for contemporary décor. Baby blue and pastel blue shades of wall colours keep the visuals buoyant and breezy. Colours of the sea and sky brought into the rooms can have the most tranquil effect making it an ideal choice for bedroom wall paint colour.

Pleasant Light Blue

Pastel blue walls merge well with the wood floor and soft textures of the bedding to give a feeling of calmness.

14. Natural Cool Brown

Brown paired with cream has the most urban feel. Brown wall paint combined with off white beddings and decor is perfect for chic and cosy bedrooms.  Shades of brown are also Vastu colours for master bedrooms. Brown evokes colours of nature and has deeply relaxing tones. When applied in the right decor, the brown wall colour can give the room a rich and luxurious ambience. Its masculine nature makes it a good wall colour for men's bedrooms as well.

Natural Cool Brown

The stark grey decor of the room enhances the rich brown wall paint colour, keeping the aesthetics of the room classy and sophisticated.

15. Elegant Turquoise

Turquoise is a very playful colour that can be used in the most classy way for master bedroom suites or in a fun way for kids bedrooms. Darker shades of turquoise can create a dramatic ambience while muted tones can add playfulness to the decor.  With pops of bright yellow, pinks and greens turquoise wall colour can be used for striking and eclectic bedroom decor.

Elegant Turquoise

The turquoise colour used here screams elegance! The pop of pink contrasts beautifully with the wall colour to create a luxurious and cosy space.

16. Monochromatic Black and White

Monochrome doesnt necessarily mean boring. Simple and classic, the combination of white and black wall paint can be used to achieve the most sophisticated suave bedroom decor. Using minimalistic and sleek designs of beds, light fixtures and other features, the black in the room wouldnt be too overpowering.

Monochromatic Black and White

The soft black wall in the backdrop stands out against the white walls, ceilings and curtains. The wood textures bring about a delicate balance to the monochrome effect of wall colours.

17. Dazzling Blue and Yellow

This combination is both bold and exciting and a great choice for kid's rooms. However, this combination is also becoming a hit with young couples and adults. The combination of 2 cheerful colours is best suited for personalities that are fun. This shade of yellow is minimalistic and using statement decor elements in bright bold colours can give your room the glamorous touch.

Dazzling Blue and Yellow

The combination of bold shades of blue and yellow against each other renders an artistic feel to the room.

18. Pale Quiet Yellow

While bright yellows are exciting, the paler shade of the colour can be calming and serene. The soft buttery yellow walls work with multiple decorative themes. From casual to sophisticated style, this shade of yellows is versatile.

Pale Quiet Yellow

The ornate dark wood bed against the subtle yellow tone of the walls creates a harmonious space. The understated tone of yellow brings a sense of serenity to the room.

19. Playful Peach

Peach is traditionally considered a feminine colour. To get a warm feel to your space, use different shades of this colour. Play with textures and accents to create an exciting and cosy ambience to your bedrooms.

Playful Peach

20. Joyful Sandy Brown

The colour of beach sand can be a soothing wall colour. Its comforting and cosy. The colour is neutral enough to work well with an extensive palette. The colour is perfect for small bedrooms with limited space for elaborate decor. This timeless hue gives you an instant boost of spirit.

Joyful Sandy Brown

The airy pastel shade of brown feels subtle and understated. The pure white furniture and beddings against the tan wall remind one of beach vacations and summers.

When planning the colour scheme for a bedroom, what must be kept in mind is that the room should ultimately be harmonious enough to rest comfortably. Fashionable colours like grey with wood or natural colours like brown, green can be naturally harmonious. For a modern and darker vibe with a moderate amount of purples, red can be used for the wall colour. Opting for classic shades like white, beige, softer shades of blue and brown are always a safe bet. These are time tested choices that can hardly go wrong.

The choice of colour for rooms is of great importance. The function of the space, the desired feel of the room must be considered while selecting the best colour.


1. Which paint colour suits the best for modern bedrooms?

Bedroom paint ideas are greatly dependent on personal taste, and the general theme of decor. While neutral and light colours like whites, creams have been popular for a long time. Bolder colours like reds and blues are being used widely these days. Vastu colours for bedrooms recommend shades like blue, green, yellow and pink. Every colour has its definite characteristic and influence on human mood and spirit. Understanding how each colour helps set the mood of the space is essential in picking bedroom wall colour.

2. Which colour feels the most relaxing presence in a bedroom?

There are multiple wall colour choices for a relaxing and calming bedroom. Lavender, White, light blue and other neutral colours like beige and green can create a soothing relaxing space. Bedroom Asian paints colour selection for room gives a wide range of options to choose from.

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