Home Construction FAQs

The amount charged is open for negotiation & may be decreased/increased based on the requirement & the design of the home.
Package includes costs for construction including design, execution & finishing items like sanitary fixtures, doors & windows.
Yes, Inco Build-Tech is a reputed organisation paying all statutory. The cost mentioned includes GST & no additional taxes are charged.
No, hidden charges in Inco Build-Tech.
We provide a two/three-month buffer period depending on the project scope
WhatsApp group is created in which day to day activity will be updated.
We provide a 5-years Warranty on the Waterproofing. We provide 9-years construction warranty.
Inco Build-Tech assists our clients in the approval process through the Construction Professionals on boarded on the platform. We are not directly involved in the approval process but our partners ensure that the clients get a completely hassle free experience.
We have our Quality Control Team & own Checklist with 500+ Quality Checks.
Not all houses have a compound. Then, there are houses which require a compound wall on just two or three sides. By removing the compound wall from the package, we ensure that only the clients who opt for a compound wall, pay for it.
Any change in brand or addition of something to package or removal something from the package additional charges need to be paid extra by the client.
Assigning of contractors done after a series of background checks on a contractor before they are allowed to work with us. These checks include document checks like the GST registrations, income tax filings etc. Physical verification of the projects that are under construction as well as completed by the contractor are verified by the team from Inco Build-Tech.
Inco Build-Tech may complete in 5 months for the first floor and another 1.5 months for every floor beyond that. Duration also varies depending upon the built up area, location, design etc.
Inco Build-Tech assists the clients with the documentation part for the loan approval process. We have also tie-ups with banks and NBFCs for attractive interest rates.
There are separate packages for interior works from our in-house interior company, if client wish to get the interiors we will assist client on the same.
*This T&C is valid for 2 months