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Payment terms for your SYIC interior decoration LLC project:
Project can have multiple order types based on the type of scope of work (e.g 1 project can have multiple orders like modular work, on-site services and store products). Payment terms will vary on order level.
  • Booking Fee (10%)
  • Place Order(s) (50%)
  • Execution stages**/prior to delivery (40%)
**Booking Fee has to be paid on total order value.
  • A project refers to home design undertaking for a single home. Multiple orders can be placed for a single project (for e.g., one order for modular products, a separate one for services such as civil work). Payments are processed on an order level.
  • Once the project is booked, you are provided with a 48-hour free look window during which you may choose to cancel the project. After this window, no refunds will be provided if the project is cancelled.
Booking fee:
Your booking fee (10% payment) paid initially shall be adjusted against complete BOQ value.
Minimum order value :
Minimum order value that will be executed by SYIC shall not be less than AED 5000.
Estimated project quote:
This quote is indicative and generated based on Client’s current requirements. As a quote is affected by the brand, make, quality, design, product, materials, colours and services you choose, it is liable to change in the final BOQ.

If the project scope or value is changed at the execution stage, then any free gift(s)/discounts offered during the time of sale shall stand withdrawn.
Quote Validity:
Initial BOQ at 10% stage are valid only for sixty (60) days & price are liable to change in case project does not goes into execution.

Also, kindly note that once booking is done by the client, the quoted rates shall be valid for three (3) months. Any modification (such as changes in scope or requirements) to the proposal may result in a price change. The prices here are applicable for this project only. In case payment is not made by the client as per payment terms within the period of three months, then company shall adjust the booking amount as Design charges for the project.
Execution timeline will begin from the date of Authority approval. SYIC will not be liable to bear any delay penalty if the delay in the execution and subsequent handover is due to Authority Approval.
The maximum number of design iterations is limited to 3.
Delivery Time:
The order will be delivered on or before the assured delivery date except in cases when the order or the scope of work is changed after confirmation or due to reasons beyond the control of SYIC Interior decoration LLC, including force majeure events and change in applicable law. The approximate Delivery Time of the Project from the time of placing the order shall be-
  • Type
  • Categories
  • No. of Days Applicable
  • Standard Offerings
  • 1. Modular / Fit-out Furniture (incl. installation)
    2. False Ceiling (Gypsum Board option)
    3. Standard Electrical Works (creation of new points, shifting of existing points).
    4. Countertop services (granite removal, chipping and installation).
    5. Appliances (including installation)
    6. Lighting (including installation)
    7. Cleaning services
  • 45 Days
  • Additional Services
  • 1. Wallpaper (incl. Installation)
    2. Painting
  • 45+10 Days
  • Vendor Managed Categories C
  • 1. Loose furniture
    2. Mattress
    3. False Ceiling executed with Plaster of Paris (POP)
  • NA
Order placement stage:
At this stage, orders for SYIC furniture and decor items are placed and the marketplace furniture and decor items are shipped to the warehouse to prepare for delivery onsite. Civil work and manufacturing of custom furniture will be initiated as per defined execution stages. All work specific to an order will begin only after:
  • 60% payment has been processed for civil works.
  • 100% payment has been processed for loose furniture.
Delivery date in case of Transaction involving only Modular Product Delivery & Warehousing:

For projects where the SYIC Interior Decoration LLC scope only includes modular products, our team would request the customer to confirm the material delivery date according to the readiness of the site with civil work completed. The material will be dispatched once services on site are completed, and final payment is made. In case of the site not being ready, the material would be stored in the warehouse for up to 15 days beyond the planned delivery date, after which warehousing charges will be applicable at 100 AED per day until actual dispatch date.
SYIC Approvals:
Additional AED 1500/- will be charged if work permit is required to be taken from building Management for drawings/ documents preparation and coordination. Any fees charged by building management/ security checks are to be paid by the client.

Additional AED 10,000/- will be charged by SYIC if it is required to obtain work permit from any government authorities (DM, DCD, DDA, Trakhees or any other statutory authority). All authority fees or incidentals are to be paid by the client. These charges will be mentioned in the final BOQ.
Delay Penalty:
SYIC would be liable to pay 0.1% for the delay in handover of project beyond 15 working days (excluding Sundays and Public Holidays) from the confirmed handover date. The confirmed handover date is communicated in the Client Service Agreement however, it is linked to all payments made by the client as per the schedule and all sales orders for the project are raised
  • 1. Penalty per day for every day, beyond 15 days after the handover date, is 0.1% of the total Project Value
  • 2. The maximum delay penalty payable cannot exceed 10% of the total project value.
  • 3. Delay penalty would be paid out through a refund to the customer & aposs bank account. However, this depends on whether 100% payment and project handover is complete.
SYIC Care:
  • 1. For any post-handover concerns, request can be raised through Care@Interiorcompany.com.
  • 2. SYIC Provides one free-of-cost service visit to the site within 6 months of the handover. This is put in place to address routine services which cover moving parts like hinges, channels etc. The service addresses issues like minor alignment, loose parts etc. It also covers general alignment check of all shutters, lofts, the functioning of drawers and all accessories, and any additional concealed wiring needs for the TV console.
Cleaning Services:
  • Post installation, the following set of services will be done at the site.
  • 1. Dusting of all areas
  • 2. Cleaning of doors of the cabinets to remove pencil marks and dust
  • 3. Cleaning the insides of wooden cabinets
  • 4. Deep Cleaning shall be charged extra.
Unloading Services:
  • Any movement of materials by stairs above 2nd floor will attract the following additional charges. These charges will be included in the Final BOQ.
  • 1. An unloading charge of AED 500 shall be charged from 3rd floor or above where the service lift is unavailable and
  • 2. Additional AED 1000 shall be charged in case the site is above the 8th floor.
Marketplace products:
All furniture, decor, appliances and accessories which belong to the SYIC’s brand partners are referred to as marketplace products.
Invoices for the design service, SYIC products, other services and brand partner products shall be raised by SYIC Interior Decoration LLC.
Taxes & Duties:
All product and service prices are inclusive of applicable taxes.
Cancellations & Return:
  • Any product in the tentative BoQ can be replaced or removed before order placement.
  • SYIC cannot cancel, replace or modify items once the order is placed Since each item is made to order.
  • Products with non-manufacturing defects and damages post-delivery are not eligible for returns or replacements.
  • The return policy is not applicable to services, customized products and made-to-order furniture pieces.
Please note: No refunds can be entertained if project is cancelled after 50% payment.
The terms and conditions contained herein shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of UAE, and any dispute arising therefrom shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at Dubai, UAE.
Quality Promise:
Market place furniture, decor products and accessories sold via Interiorcompany.com are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty period.