Kid's Bedroom Ideas


Creative and Noble Kids Room Design - Dubai
Let your child’s dream turn into reality with this noble kids room design. The white accent wall in this bedroom with black prints is easy to achieve with the help of wall stickers. The layout of the room is simple but highly functional and features a floor cabana inspired setup and two seater floor sofa at the back. The leaf print wallpaper at the backside of the room infuses artificial greenery into the room.
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Smart Family Kids Room Design - Dubai
This most smart family kids room design has separate beds for a girl and a boy. The bed with the blue bedding is for a boy, and the bed on the right with pink bedding is for a girl. There’s a cabinet with three drawers that can be used to store small items. Kids on both beds can use the cabinet seamlessly due to its position in the centre. The crown shaped drawer knobs look cute.
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Monochrome New Kids Room Design - Dubai
Your kids will start every day with a big smile on their faces with this new kids room design. This monochrome kids room in white, black, and grey creates a perfect contrast and combines well with the wooden texture. The hut shaped wooden bed with patterned cushions adds to the fun. With ample storage and floor space, this bedroom design is perfect for growing children.
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Formal Kids Room Design with Stylish Interiors - Dubai
In the neutral shade, this formal kids room design is for children of all ages. The wooden furnishings in the room, such as furniture and doors, make the space appear cozy. Because it contains no childish elements, your children will enjoy this bedroom design long after they have grown up. The yellow table lamp and the backpack on the floor add a quirky factor to this room.
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Colourful and Most Elegant Kids Room Design - Dubai
It is all about neutral shades for this elegant kids room design. In spite of having a welcoming colour palette, the warm textures of this kids bedroom make the space cosy. The hut shaped bed, painted in a garden theme, is the focal point of this kids room. The light pink tufted chair adds elegance to this kids bedroom design. The curtains in the room look cute.
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Modern Exclusive Kids Room Design for Girls - Dubai
The combination of pink and white is mastering this modern exclusive kids room design. The single bed placed against the wall makes the space look cosy. The natural light coming from the window is making this white and pink room look more inviting. The shelf placed between the bed and the table is a perfect spot to place small items. The wooden table with a chair can be used as a study table.
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Splendid Kids Room Design for Boys - Dubai
With blue and white contrast, this splendid kids room design is an ideal room design for boys. This bedroom design is perfect for your kids if they are stuck on one single colour. The bed, with plenty of patterned cushions, makes for a comfortable resting place. The small plants on the window sill enhance the appearance of this room.The silver floor lamp is a great addition to this kids room.
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Multi Functional Chic Kids Room Design - Dubai
Joyful colours like blue and mustard contrast flawlessly with the white colour scheme of this chic kids room design. This balanced kids bedroom is ideal for kids who are at a growing stage. The furniture is kept minimal and simple in this bedroom so that the focus can remain on the art pieces on the wall. The pendant lights complete the look of the room.
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Antique Kids Room Design - Dubai
They say Old is Gold, which stands true for this antique kids room design. You can see how they nicely repurposed and used antique furniture without making the room look outdated. The wicker chair in the corner of the room with the white cabinet and the wooden ceiling gives this room an old-world charm. The ceiling fan with a light bulb plays into the antique theme seamlessly.
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