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Complete Turnkey Services

With an emphasis on details, extraordinary designs and exceptional customer service, we bring your dreams to life.

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we design

From completed homes to modular kitchens, and storage to decor, our top interior designers create spaces that match your vision.

we execute

We follow a meticulous planning approach with detail-driven designs for interiors of your homes.

we manage

Our top interior designers spearhead quality assurance by extending support after the execution of home projects.

Why Choose Us

With us, you experience the power of ideas, design and craftsmanship come alive.

made order

Made to Order

We create personalised
spaces that cater to your
every requirement.

lowest price

Lowest Prices

We provide the best
possible solutions that
suit your finances.

auality checks

Quality Checks
At Every Step

We guarantee thorough
quality checks till project

timely delivery

Timely Delivery

We proactively work on
commitments to maintain our benchmark of ontime delivery

10 year warranty


We invigorate client
relationships by offering
warranties that last a decade.

Our Clients Simply Love Our Work

Because building great customer relationships is the best business strategy.


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  • Dubai



4 weeks ago

We loved the new designs and the wallpapers they brought in. They also understood what we actually wanted and got us exactly the same, recommending their services to all. Zaki our PM and team did an awesome job! Very professional, provided regular updates and took care of everything.

Suhaib Akhtar


4 weeks ago

I have done my house's interior work with Interior Company (designing and implementation), the quality of work, finishing is commendable and project completion is on time as promised. Most importantly the response provided by Interior Company team to the customer is appreciable.

S Dixit


4 weeks ago

I learnt about Interior Company and decided to choose them for my home. The design team was good and helped me to convert my home into a reality. The operations team made sure that everything was executed as per design. They ensured all the milestones were achieved on time. The best thing I liked about them is their professional and methodical approach with the design & execution. It would be nice to see a little more attention to detail. Barring a hiccup, overall experience was smooth and I am happy with Interior Company.

Olga Morozova


a month ago

This is to express my impression towards work of ingeneer Saad and Tahseen, the designer. The design suggested by Tahseen was so impressive and practical. Saad is very attentive to any minor details when it concerns installation. Great job!

The Way We Work

Five steps is all it takes to elevate your style of living.

meet us

Meet us

Let us know more about each other. We can meet over a cup of coffee or even online too. We'd like to know what you're looking for

scope work

Scope of Work

Now when you have made up your mind, it is the time to finalise the scope of work and talk about the essentials – materials and finishes, etc.

seal deal

Seal The Deal

Once finalised, you can seal the deal by paying a signing amount of 10%. Pay 50% of the order value to kickstart the process and the balance before handover.



While we immediately begin work on your different orders, our quality control team keeps a strict check. We also keep you updated about the execution process.

stem approval

Stamp of Approval

Congratulations! We are done. You can now move into your dream home.


What Sets Us Apart?

Sublime Designs. Prompt Services. Best Results

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Interior Company Experience

  • All Under One Roof

    A one-stop destination to resolve all your queries

  • Dedicated Team of Designers

    Experts who chalk out innovative solutions

  • 3D Visual Walkthroughs

    Home Interior Designs in tandem with interactive 3D Visual Walkthroughs

  • Periodic Inspections

    Well-timed quality reviews at various stages of the project

  • No False Claims

    Lowest price guaranteed!

  • You Get What You See

    No Hidden Charges

  • We’re Right by Your Side

    Dedicated After Sales Support

Typical Experience

  • Multiple Contractors & Market Trips

    Coordination with several intermediaries

  • In-efficient Support

    No team to provide feasible results

  • No VR Walkthroughs

    Absence of Advanced Technology support

  • No Periodic Quality Checks

    Usage of low-grade material to save cost

  • Over promising & Under Delivery

    No price match guarantee

  • Overhead Charges

    Unidentified costs lead to higher prices

  • No After-Sales Support

    Customer service ends after the completion of the project

Cities We Serve

Our teams across India are unified by the love for interior design.

Interior Company Provides Interior Design Services Across India
Interior Design Services Executed to Perfection
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Our Brand Partners

An elite list of partners who strengthen our brand promise

Home Interiors Design

Home Interiors

Exceptional designs that cater to your aesthetic,
functional and aspirational goals.

Design Your Residential Space with Our Fantastic Interior Design Services

Explore some of the most stunning home interior designs in Dubai and efficient home decor services at Interior Company. Our experts ensure a remarkable experience in designing your home interiors with precision and class. You can convert your loving abode into a slice of heaven with Interior Company’s dedicated services and inspirational home interior ideas.

Exclusive Interior Design Services from the Top-Leading Company

Do you want to revamp your home interiors or assemble an avant-garde home from scratch? Look no further, our experts at Interior Company work with one resolution: to provide top-notch quality services to our clients. Our designers are trained to design a home that is a representation of your style and preferences. From studio apartments to expansive mansions, find the best home interior designs that fit your budget

5 Ways to Make a Home Look Luxurious

Interior design is the backbone of a home as it directly impacts the lives of everybody who resides within the premises. A space that exudes luxury, sophistication, and comfort amplifies the experience of the

Use Layered Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important concepts in interior design and must not be overlooked. Replace your traditional wall lamp with pendant light for opulent home interiors. A statement light fixture is an excellent investment that also acts as a focal point for the space. Changing your lighting game can make your space bigger and more lavish.

Add Textiles

Adding various textiles through drapes, throw blankets and cushions can make the space look expensive. This also works true for fabrics and paints that can elevate the look of your home interiors. Indulge in luxe, high-end, or designer fabrics to transform your home interior design.

Invest in Art

Investing in an eye-catching art piece is a masterstroke that designers swear by to make the home interiors look opulent. It not only acts as a topic of conversation but also imbues an instant feel of luxe.

Use Metallics

Metallic accessories like a pedestal table, a desk clock, or any decorative accent instantly amp up the fancy quotient and adds wattage to a room. Glitz and glam are the key factors that can add a wow element to your interior space and go with key interior facets of the UAE. Metallic wallpaper, light fixtures, metal finishes, and high-gloss paint are the designers’ go-to solutions

Incorporate Antique Pieces

Adorning your space with vintage pieces is one of the oldest tricks in the hat that is capable of completely revolutionising your interiors. These antique pieces always have a touch of mystique attached to them and a backstory that can be an interesting topic of conversation with your guests. These can be anything from mirrors, barware, art, glassware, etc.

Floor to Ceiling Curtains

How you treat the windows in your space speaks of how much you value luxury. Ensure that you never buy draperies that are too short. Opt for sheer, light fabrics that also increase the flow of natural light in the space. It also enhances the visual appeal by giving an illusion of a greater height. Floor-to-ceiling curtains add luxury and also renders a finish to the look.

Latest Interior Designs 2022 that Exude Luxury

A blend of contemporary and conventional designs dominates the latest interior designs of 2022 mirroring the amalgamation of both styles. These are the latest home interior design trends that our expert designers at Interior Company swear by:
  • ● Incorporate shades of brown in your interiors
  • ● Use of pastel colours for added vibrance
  • ● Multi-functional or flexible spaces
  • ● Upraised outdoor furniture for exterior spaces
  • ● Smart homes and 3D art for a tech-savvy environment
  • ● Sustainable homes to practise eco-friendly initiatives

Inspiring Home Interiors at an Affordable Price

Interior Company promises home interior solutions in Dubai, UAE, at the most affordable prices that can transform the way your home looks. A renowned interior decoration company in the UAE, Interior Company, has added to its cap feathers of glamming up numerous homes. Do not shy away from dreaming because we take the responsibility of transforming your dreams into magnificent reality.


What exactly do interior designers do?
An interior designer is responsible for creating aesthetically pleasing spaces while also ensuring that they are functional, safe, and attractive. Interior designers research, plan, coordinate and manage every project keeping in mind the needs of the client.
What are the 7 principles of interior design?
The 7 principles of interior design are:
  • ●  Balance: When the elements are distributed evenly, a balance is created in the form of visual harmony. It renders an equilibrium to the space.
  • ●  Unity: The principle of unity ensures a sense of harmony or uniformity among the design elements. The unity is between different textures, colours, and patterns.
  • ●  Rhythm: Rhythm, which is created by contrast and repetition in an interior design helps promote visual interest across the room.
  • ●  Emphasis: This principle suggests that every room needs a central focal point and the other elements should complement the emphasis like the focus is always on it.
  • ●  Contrast: Contrast is created when two or more different forms are combined. This can be done either in form, space, or colour.
  • ●  Scale and Proportion: this principle concerns the ratio. The dimension and size of the objects in a room should be in proportion so that they look exactly in place
  • ●  Details: This principle suggests that minor details must not be overlooked.
What is the difference between interior decorating and interior design?
Interior decorating is the adorning of the space to create an aesthetically pleasing ambience while the interior design is the art and science of comprehending people’s behaviour to furnish functional spaces.
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